How to Make a Spam Account on Instagram: The Comprehensive 2023 Finsta Guide

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Ever thought about why teens and even adults are rushing to create a spam account or a “finsta” on Instagram? It’s not just about changing your profile picture or posting those exclusive videos. A spam account, often termed as “fake” or “finsta”, allows you to be your genuine self, minus the filters. It makes it possible for people to share those candid moments, the hilarious mishaps, or even vent about a rough day, all without thinking too much about the audience. These accounts usually serve the purpose of sharing personal insights, away from the mainstream personal account. They offer a sanctuary, protecting young eyes from the broader public view. But why is this trend skyrocketing, and what types of social media accounts fall under this category? Let’s unravel the mystery.How to Make a Spam Account on Instagram

Understanding Spam Accounts

Definition and Purpose

A spam account, often referred to as a finsta or fake account, is essentially a secondary Instagram account. Unlike your main account, where you might share polished photos and highlights of your life, a spam acc is for the unfiltered, raw, and real moments. It’s the behind-the-scenes of your life. But why do people create them? Well, it’s a way to separate their public and private selves while still using Instagram. Main accounts are often open to everyone, while spam profiles are typically private, allowing only a select group of close friends to see the content. This means you can post without judgment and share with only those you trust.

The Rise of Spam Accounts

The trend of having a spam account on Instagram isn’t new. In fact, it’s been on the rise for quite some time. Especially among the younger generation, there’s a shift towards having these secondary accounts. They use them to share moments without the pressure of perfection. Remember that time in 2023 when statistics showed a significant increase in the number of spam profiles among teens? It’s because they want a space where they can be themselves without the pressure of looking perfect or getting tons of likes. It’s their safe space, away from the judgmental world of social media.

Setting Up a Spam Account on Instagram

Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up a spam account is pretty straightforward. First, you’ll need a new email or phone number. This ensures that your main and spam profiles are separate. Once you have that, sign up on Instagram as you normally would. When choosing a username for your secondary account, you might want to pick something that doesn’t give away your identity. Some people use fun nicknames or even random words. Remember, the idea is to keep this account more private.

Privacy Settings

This is crucial. Once your account is set up, head over to the settings and make sure your account is set to private. This means only people you approve can follow you and see your posts. Considering spam accounts are private, you’ll want to be selective about who you let in. Maybe it’s just a close group of friends or people you trust. The point is to have a space where you can post freely without worrying about who’s watching.

Content for Spam Accounts

What to Post

So, you’ve set up your spam Insta profile. Now, what to post? The beauty of a spam is that there’s no pressure. You can post raw or unpolished images and videos without the need for them to be perfect. Remember that hilarious meme you saw the other day? Share it! Or how about that candid shot of you and your friends laughing? Perfect for your spam acc. It’s all about personal moments. Share your day, your thoughts, or even your doodles. And don’t forget about Instagram stories. They’re a great way to share fleeting moments without the commitment of a permanent post. The key is to post anything that feels genuine to you.

A fascinating case study from 2023 highlighted the story of Emily, a college student who used her spam account to raise awareness about mental health. Emily battled depression and used her finsta to share her journey. What started as a personal diary soon gained traction. Within months, she had thousands of followers, many of whom reached out to share their stories. Emily’s spam Instagram became a community for those struggling with mental health. She organized virtual meetups, shared resources, and even collaborated with mental health professionals to host Q&A sessions. The impact was profound. Many credited Emily’s account for helping them seek professional help and find a supportive community.

Posting Instagram Stories

Engaging with Followers

One of the best parts about having a spam acc is the freedom to engage without the pressure of your main account. You can have more personal interactions, whether it’s through direct messages (DMs) or comments. Remember, the followers on your spam account are likely a close-knit group, so feel free to communicate in a group without prying public eyes. Share inside jokes, ask for opinions, or just check in on how everyone’s day is going. It’s all about building and maintaining those close connections.

I remember when I first created my spam Insta, or as some call it, a finsta. It was a breath of fresh air. I could post without overthinking, share my day-to-day life, and connect with a close-knit group of friends. One day, I shared a personal story about a challenging situation at work. The support and advice I received from my inner circle were overwhelming. It was a stark contrast to my main account, where I felt the pressure to maintain a certain image. My spam profile became my safe haven, a place where I could be my authentic self.

Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

Switching Between Accounts

Managing multiple accounts on Instagram is a breeze. Whether it’s your main account, your spam account, or even a business account, switching between them is seamless. Simply go to your Instagram profile, tap on your username at the top, and select the account you want to switch to. No need to log out and log back in. It’s that easy! And the best part? You can be logged into one account and still receive notifications from the others. Talk about multitasking!

Managing multiple accounts on Instagram

Notifications Management

With multiple accounts, comes the potential for a flood of notifications. But don’t worry, Instagram has got you covered. Within the app, you can customize your notification settings for each account. Maybe you want to receive notifications for DMs on your main acc but only post notifications on your spam account. Or perhaps you want to mute notifications for one account during certain hours. The flexibility is there. And since Instagram allowed users to have up to five accounts, you can ensure that none of your accounts are open to unwanted notifications. It’s all about finding the balance that works for you.

Pros and Cons of Having a Spam Account


Having a spam account on Instagram offers a unique space for personal expression. It’s like having a personal space on the internet, away from the hustle and bustle of your main profile. One of the biggest benefits is the freedom to share personal and private thoughts without the fear of judgment. Whether it’s a rant about a bad day, a goofy selfie, or a heartfelt message, a spam account provides a platform for genuine expression. Moreover, since spam accounts are typically private, they foster a closer-knit inner circle of followers. It’s like having a digital diary that a select few can access, making interactions more intimate and meaningful.

According to a 2023 study, a staggering 60% of teens have a spam account on Instagram. This trend isn’t limited to the younger generation. Adults are also jumping on the bandwagon, with 30% admitting to having a secondary account. The reasons vary, from wanting a platform for personal and private thoughts to simply having an account to stalk others without the fear of accidentally liking a post.


However, like all things, there are drawbacks to having a spam account. One of the primary concerns is privacy. Even though these accounts are private, there’s always a risk of cyberbullying or cyber bullying. It’s essential to be cautious about who you let follow you and what you post. Remember, once something is on the internet, it’s challenging to remove it entirely. Another drawback is the challenge of managing multiple accounts. Juggling between your main and spam account can be time-consuming, especially if you’re active on both. And, there’s always the potential for evil purposes, like using the account to spread misinformation or harm others.

Risk of cyberbullying

Tips and Best Practices

Keeping Your Account Safe

Safety first! When it comes to your spam account, it’s crucial to avoid spamming behaviors that could get your account flagged or banned. This includes repetitive posting, sending unsolicited messages, or using copyrighted content without permission. Remember, posts can always be traced back to you, even if you think you’re anonymous. Ensure your account security by using strong, unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. Regularly review your follower list and remove anyone you don’t trust.

Engaging Authentically

Your spam account is a reflection of your authentic self. So, engage genuinely! Use your spam account as a platform for sharing personal stories, experiences, and emotions. Build a community that values authenticity and genuine interactions. Avoid the temptation to use the account for superficial reasons. Remember, it’s an account specifically for sharing the unfiltered version of you. Engage with your followers, respond to their comments, and create a space where everyone feels valued and heard.


In the vast universe of Instagram, the point of a spam account or a “finsta” has become more than just a trend. It’s a space where genuine emotions meet the digital realm. These types of accounts, whether you call them “spam”, “fake”, or “finsta”, allow for raw and unfiltered content. But remember, the freedom to create accounts and post those videos with an exclusive group also demands responsibility. It’s crucial to be aware of the content you’re sharing. Is it a reflection of your true self? Is it considerate of others? Misusing this platform can lead to repercussions, both in the digital world and real life. So, before you share that next post, ponder its impact. Are you using this account that people often keep private to inspire and bond, or to hurt and alienate? The essence of Instagram, and any social media, is in our control. Harness it responsibly. And when faced with negativity, remember, there’s always an option to unfollow and steer towards positivity.

The point of a spam account or a “finsta”

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a “finsta” and a regular Instagram account?

A “finsta” (short for “fake insta”) is essentially a secondary or fake Instagram account that individuals create for more private, less polished content. Unlike your main or public account, a “finsta” is typically a private account where users share unpolished images or videos, personal rants, and other content they might not want on their primary profile. It’s a way for users to separate their public and private selves while still using social media.

How do I choose a username for my spam account?

When creating a new account, especially a spam account or “finsta”, it’s common for users to opt for a fun or quirky username. Some might use a play on their real name, while others might incorporate inside jokes. Remember, the username of the secondary account should be different from your main account to maintain anonymity.

Are spam accounts just a trend among teens?

While teens create an Instagram “spam” account quite frequently, it’s not limited to them. Many adults also have spam accounts for various reasons, whether it’s to share content created specifically for the purpose of a close circle or to follow interests they’d rather keep private. It’s a trend across various age groups, offering a space for more personal expression.

Can I link other social media platforms to my spam account?

Yes, you can link other social media platforms like Snapchat to your spam account. However, be cautious. If you’re trying to keep your spam account separate from your main profile, linking other prominent accounts might make it easier for people to connect the dots. Always think about your privacy settings and whom you’re allowing to see your content.

Is it safe to make fun of people on my spam account?

While some users use it to make fun of friends or share inside jokes, it’s essential to tread carefully. Using spam accounts as a way to bully or spread negativity can have real-world consequences. Always be respectful and be aware of the content you’re posting. If someone reports your content for harmful behavior, Instagram might take action against your account.

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