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Privacy Policy

Published on September 2nd, 2020

Your privacy is taken extremely seriously by us and we go through great lengths to protect your personal information. A policy has been created by us to ensure that you have all the information necessary to know how we do and do not gather, utilize, and share any of your personal information. Your personal information is only received by the user’s conscious decision to place an order for our service and share their details. All the information that is shared from the order will be safeguarded by us and will not be shared, sold, or given to any external third party.
Our business is done with a responsibility to ensure that the privacy policies and principles will provide confidence to our users that their personal information is always under secure protection and security.

The Basics

  • A significant reason has been established first before there is a request to collect personal information.
  • An objective will first be in place before any personal information is gathered to fulfill said objective; that is unless a user expresses otherwise or there is a risk at not being a lawful action.
  • The personal information is only kept until the objection is completed.
  • The collection of personal information is only ever done in a way that is deemed lawful and a fair process—this means that the user has given their consent and there is proof of it.
  • The personal information must be needed to fulfill the objective and in order to be able to do so, it is up to the user to ensure the correct personal information is given to us.
  • Your personal information is guarded safely to minimize the risk of it being stolen, lost, or someone who does not have the authority to getting access to it.
  • All information around our privacy policies will be easily accessible to all users to understand how their personal information is used.
  • Most payments are done so through a payment gateway that is secure, meaning that any sensitive information does not go directly through our website and instead is done so through SSL encryption.
  • Some payment details will be gathered and stored that include the type of payment card, expiration date, and the final four numbers on your card—but the payment itself is not done through us and instead done by an external secure payment gateway.

Use of Information

The personal information that is collected is done so to offer, evaluate, control, develop, and make our services unique for every user. This allows your orders to be quickly administered, enhanced and delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible and we can easily communicate with each user. A common scenario that we will use your personal information for will be to stop, identify, and inspect banned or even illegal activity like fraud, or ensuring our terms are being adhered to. We also might use the personal information to improve services for you, such as interface experiences.

Disclosure of Information

External companies, agents, and contractors are engaged by us to help us deliver series to you in a safe and secure way. They are referred to as “Service Providers”. These Service Providers assist us in providing things that include marketing, advertising, communications, infrastructure, and IT services. In addition, they deliver industry level customer service, process and administer payments, analyze data, and improve user experience—which includes administering surveys directed at users. In order to properly complete these services, the Service Providers might be given your personal information to ensure our service is delivered to you. They are in no way authorized to share, keep, administer, or do anything else that does not involve delivering your service, in regards to your personal information.