Instagram Advertising Costs: What You Need to Know

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In today’s digital age, social media has become an essential part of a business’s marketing strategy. With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and offers businesses the opportunity to advertise to a large and engaged audience. However, before investing in Instagram advertising, it is crucial to understand how much it costs and what factors affect the cost. In this blog post, we will discuss how much Instagram advertising costs and provide tips for reducing advertising costs.

Understanding Instagram Advertising

Before we dive into the cost of Instagram advertising, it is essential to understand the different types of Instagram ads and the metrics used to measure their effectiveness.

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram offers various ad formats, each with its unique features and benefits. These include:

  • Photo Ads – simple and effective image-based ads.
  • Video Ads – 15-second videos with sound.
  • Carousel Ads – multiple images or videos that users can swipe through.
  • Stories Ads – full-screen ads that appear between user’s stories.
  • Explore Ads – ads that appear when users explore new content.

Instagram Ad Metrics

To measure the effectiveness of Instagram ads, businesses can track various metrics, including:

  • Impressions – the number of times an ad is shown to users.
  • Reach – the number of unique users who see an ad.
  • Clicks – the number of times users click on an ad.
  • Engagement – the number of likes, comments, and shares an ad receives.
  • Conversions – the number of users who take a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

Factors Affecting Instagram Advertising Cost

Several factors affect the cost of Instagram advertising. Understanding these factors can help businesses optimize their ad campaigns and reduce advertising costs.

Ad Placement

The placement of an Instagram ad can significantly impact its cost. Ads that appear in the newsfeed, stories, and explore sections can have different costs per impression or click. In general, ads that appear in the newsfeed tend to have higher costs than those in the explore section.

Target Audience

The target audience of an Instagram ad can also affect its cost. Ads targeting a broad audience can have higher costs than those targeting a specific audience. For example, an ad targeting females aged 18-24 interested in fitness will likely have a lower cost than an ad targeting all females.

How Much Does Instagram Advertising Cost?

Now that we understand the factors affecting Instagram advertising costs, let’s take a look at how much Instagram advertising costs on average.

Instagram Ad Costs by Objective

Instagram ads can be optimized for various objectives, including brand awareness, reach, engagement, traffic, app installs, and conversions. The cost of Instagram advertising can vary significantly based on the selected objective.

For brand awareness and reach objectives, businesses can expect to pay around $5 per 1,000 impressions. Engagement ads, which focus on likes, comments, and shares, can cost between $0.20 to $2 per engagement.

Traffic and app install ads, which direct users to a website or app store, can cost between $0.50 to $2 per click. Finally, conversion ads, which focus on driving sales or leads, can cost between $1 to $3 per click.

Instagram Ad Costs by Industry

The cost of Instagram advertising can also vary significantly based on the industry. For example, industries with high competition, such as fashion and beauty, can have higher advertising costs than those with less competition, such as home and garden.

According to a 2021 study by Hootsuite, the average cost per click (CPC) for Instagram advertising across industries is $1.28. However, the CPC can range from as low as $0.25 for hobbies and interests to as high as $3.77 for legal services.

Tips for Reducing Instagram Advertising Costs

While Instagram advertising can be an effective way to reach a large and engaged audience, it can also be expensive. Here are some tips for reducing Instagram advertising costs:

Improve Ad Relevance

Instagram rewards ads that are relevant to their target audience by giving them a higher relevance score. The higher the relevance score, the lower the cost of the ad. To improve ad relevance, businesses can:

  • Choose a specific target audience
  • Use high-quality images and videos
  • Write compelling ad copy
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Optimize Ad Placement

As we discussed earlier, the placement of an Instagram ad can significantly impact its cost. By optimizing ad placement, businesses can reduce advertising costs while still reaching their target audience. Some ways to optimize ad placement include:

  • Testing different ad placements to see which ones perform the best
  • Targeting specific placements based on the ad objective
  • Adjusting ad bids based on the performance of different placements


How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram?

Instagram ads cost on average $0.20-$2.00 per click, and CPM averaged at $6.70. Instagram’s high engagement rates for organic and paid content result in cheaper ads on the platform than Facebook.

How much does it cost to put ads on Instagram per month?

The average cost for Instagram ads per month is $0.95 per click, and in this article, we will explore the cost of placing ads on Instagram further. We will also provide insights into how to optimize your budget for maximum returns on your total ad spend.

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram per day?

The daily minimum budget for ads on Instagram is $1 a day for ad sets charged for impressions, while ads charged for clicks, likes, video views, or post engagement require a daily minimum budget of at least $5 a day. Low-frequency events, such as offer claims or app installs, require a daily minimum budget of at least $40 a day.

Is it worth paying for advertising on Instagram?

When executed correctly, the ROI for Instagram advertising is unparalleled. However, for your Instagram advertising campaign to be successful, you must know your target audience and how to reach them. This may require research and tweaking of your marketing strategy.

How much does Instagram pay for 1,000 views?

Instagram typically pays between $10 to $100 for 1,000 to 10,000 followers, and $250 to $750 per 1,000 engagements (or $0.25 to $0.75 per post engagement).

How much do Instagram ads cost in 2023?

Research by Revealbot shows that the average cost for running Instagram ad campaigns in 2023 is $8.83 CPM (cost per one thousand impressions) and $1.28 CPC (cost per click).


In conclusion, Instagram advertising can be an effective way for businesses to reach a large and engaged audience. However, it is essential to understand the factors affecting advertising costs and how to optimize ad campaigns to reduce costs. By improving ad relevance and optimizing ad placement, businesses can lower their Instagram advertising costs and achieve their marketing objectives. If you’re looking to increase your Instagram following and likes, consider buying them from a reputable provider like Lightning Likes. Buying followers and likes can provide social proof and help increase engagement on your posts, leading to higher visibility and more potential customers.

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