How to Leave Close Friends on Instagram: Regain Your Insta Control by Navigating the Close Friends List

Ever found yourself unexpectedly part of someone’s Close Friends list on Instagram? Suddenly, you’re privy to their private Instagram stories, seeing posts marked by that distinctive green circle, and perhaps feeling a tad uncomfortable. You’re not alone. It’s a common predicament in the Insta-world, and it can leave you feeling trapped, unsure of how to […]

How to Mute Instagram Reels: A Step-by-step Guide for a Better Browsing Experience

Ah, Instagram reels! The popular feature on Instagram that has caught the world’s attention, where creators, like you, can share and explore short, entertaining videos. It’s become a staple of the social media platform, with people posting their dances, mini-vlogs, and DIY tutorials. But let’s face it, sometimes you might stumble upon a reel that’s […]

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